Gourmet Night
Offer with room night, gourmet diner and breakfast from Euros 135,- per person
One night including breakfast buffet and a candle light dinner in our gastronomic restaurant A l'Echevin with a 4 courses menu and a welcome aperitif
Double room confort or classical : Euros 135,- per person
Double room deluxe with jacuzzi bath : Euros 155,- per person
Appartment with jacuzzi bath : Euros 195,- per person
Individual room : Euros 160,- per person
Winter price 2015
Special offers and rates on our official website
From January the 4th till March the 22nd 2015, our house give you special promotion rates (till 25% discount) and we offer you the breakfast buffet for you next stay.
Have a look on our official reservation system.

Available for all stay reserved on our official website or per telephone between January the 4th and March the 22nd 2015 except on Valentine Week End
Spring Animation and Easter in Colmar
From April the 3rd till the 19th 2015
Two seasonal markets await you in Colmar’s emblematic squares, Place des Dominicains and Place de l’Ancienne Douane. 70 exhibitors sell traditional Easter objects and specialties. A whole range of Springtime products can be found.
Between the two markets, take a nice walk around, and discover the architectural richness of the town. Stroll down little cobblestone streets, admire timber frame homes, charming streams, quaint squares, and historical monuments. Colmar is full of well-kept treasures that are sure to win your heart.
Hôtel le Maréchal : Quartier "Petite Venise" - 4/6 Place des Six Montagnes Noires 68000 Colmar - tél. : 33 (0) 3 89 41 60 32 - fax : 33 (0) 3 89 24 59 40
First Course
Lobe of Foie Gras with black currant and Pinot Noir Wine, Chutney of apples with cinnamon
23€ - 1/2 15€
Salad of half lobster with Citrus Sauce and Vinaigrette of Orange perfumed with Rosemary
Norwegian Lobster in Crispy Panko served with Tzatziki
Emulsion of Leek’s and potatoes with Truffel’s served with a Royale of Cauliflower
Pan fried Scallops on raw vegetables and balsamic
Fish and Shellfish
Cocotte with Lobster, shell fish and penne in a Norwegian lobster and Basil sauce
Breind and smoked mullet, turnip confit in salmon and onion, fennel cream
Fillet of Fera from Lake Geneva, Bisque with Yellow Wine, steamed potatoes from Touquet
Pan fried Darne of Turbo stuffed with creamy shrimps, served with courgettes scales and Oyster emulsion
Leg of Suckling Lamb from the Pyrénés, Confit with sweet Garlic, Eggplant caviar, brown gravy with olives from Taggiasche
Half Pigeon from Alsace stuffed with Foie Gras, Potatoes “Pfluta Mamie Renée”
Steak of Tenderloin Age’s for minimum three weeks, classic béarnaise, potatoes and Vegetables in cocotte
Grilled Veal, Vegetable with Sherry Vinegar and Tarragon
Assortment of five cheeses
Munster Cheese
French Toast with pan fried clementines, custered on ‚Crème Frais’ and Vanilla
Rubik of Mango Vanilla and Pistachio served with sweet licorice ice cream
Lime custed Tart “Mojito”
Macaron with Chocolat Trio, Chocolate ice cream with grand cru « Araguani »
Apple Strudel with cinnamon Ice Cream
Passion fruit with praline dessert